Shaun McIntosh

Gold Coast based emerging artist Shaun McIntosh, is a talented young creative on a mission to infiltrate the art scene by all means necessary.

​Having only recently started to exhibit his vibrant and vivacious collections, he has his sights set firmly on delivering a new body of work entitled A Delicate Disguise, in which he hopes to expose a much softer side to his arts practice. Moving away from his comfort zone of Hard-Faced Femme Fatales, he admits to being on some what of an unchartered journey, as his visual and intuitive senses take over allowing each piece to evolve like a moment in time. This organic process is what makes Shaun’s work so captivating as he explores and creates in the moment.

​​Art is more than just an exciting passion for this young artist, it plays an instrumental role in how he identifies himself as a human being. Describing it as his “Constant”, Shaun’s ability to create, is what centres him and brings his life balance. Regardless of circumstance, the symbiotic nature of this relationship Shaun shares with his work is a beautiful notion, one that he is assured will guide him through even his darkest hours.

Shaun’s creativity and imagination flows of its own accord, at this point and for the foreseeable future, he has made the informed choice not to undertake any further formal visual arts training, and he stands by this decision. In absolutely no attempt to discredit or criticize the likes of such arts institutions, the simple fact of the matter being, this path just did not resinate with him. After a year of study within the arts sector,  rather than continue with his degree, Shaun opted to pursue a job in the creative industries. In his eyes industry based experience would always out rank acedemic knowledge, currently Shaun holds the position of “Resident Artist”, for Glass Xpressions on the Gold Coast, to which he owes much of his knowledge thus far.

​What Shaun has learnt on his relatively short journey emerges from an innate calling, that is driven by his love for experimentation. His work is imbued with the intense passion he has for creating, and as his vibrant and evocative style progresses, so too does the level of complexity in his work.

Although he is young and for the most part unknown, Shaun McIntosh is quite the determined one with a bright future ahead of him, the only limits he has, are those he gives himself.

photo 1


photo 2


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