Melissa Spratt


Melissa is a young emerging artist, studying a Bachelor of Digital Media, majoring in Fine Art at Griffith University. Interested in artistic practices from an early age she has gained an array of skills and developed a natural talent. This lead her to excelled and achieve highly throughout her schooling years, receiving awards for Visual Art, Creative Art and Film and Television. When graduating from Marymount College in 2011, she was awarded the Rivers Art Award.This accolade is awarded to a person who is passionate about art, always strives to achieve the best possible result and shows evidence of self-motivation, creativity and enthusiasm. As a result of this award, Melissa was inspired to continue with art and begin a path of self discovery. Recently, she has been working with sculptural art as well as painting and photography. Leading her to produce beautiful, sensitive and thought provoking pieces that really encapsulate the viewer. To view Melissa’s work and learn more about her and her art practice visit any one of her social media outlets;

IMG_0138 IMG_1056 IMG_5999Melissa SprattMelissa Spratt

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