Dave Newman



The allure of mythology, creation myths and the counter-play that exists between man and beast feed my ideas. This dialogue is played out in haunting, illustrative scences, combining an exploration of the natural world with the cold precision of soild colour and clean lines

My work attempts to create modern myths; fragments of our world rewoven to tell new stories

Each person, wherter they wish it or not, exists in , creates, and experiences hidden worlds: worlds too high, deep, dark, bright, fast, slow-developing, strange, familiar, ancient or novel for the eyes or the mind to latch onto them. My works explore, as best as anything can, these woven processes of hiding and partial, discovery


Dave Newman is an artist/illustrator/teacher who has worked for many years honing his skills and poking his creative finger all types of pie. In 2004, he graduated from Queensland College of Arts ( BVA in Fine Art ) and Griffith Univeristy in 2006 (BEd Art). His work has been exhibited in the USA , Singapore, Belgium among may other domestic locations





I'll tell you a secret



Wood & Steel

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