This Project started in March of 2011, all as an idea to create friendships and a blog where we, as artists could personally write about art and events that show-case our interests. Gaining a greater awareness about the culture that is swiftly becoming more abundant on the Gold Coast. Perviously has number exhibitions have been run and hosted, by lmtdspace, to make this a label which could be recognised and respected not only here on the Gold Coast, but Australian wide. Since starting lmtdspace with a total of 5 artists, we now have grown to 54 artists and counting. On a weekly basics the local council is in contact with projects which they like to involve the collective in or just ask for advise.

Still having big dreams and outrageous ideas for the collective in the future,  we will need the support of the public to make the next step happen, as well as the state and local governments.

The dream is to host an exhibition at the Large Space with 300+ emerging artists, alongside this create a annual book which will showcase the beautiful, wonderful and damn right amazing talent of Australian art.

Mission Statement :This is the beginning of a new artist collective based on the Gold Coast with contributors from all over Australia. The collective is run by a number of artists based in most of the major cities around Australia. LMTDS is designed to showcase young emerging artists who have little or no space, helping them get exhibited. LMTDS also helps promote artists and events around Australia.

LTMDS mission is to unite Artists around Australia by hosting exhibitions with galleries and other spaces. Connect you with information about what is going on in your city as well as showcase Australians best hidden and emerging artists

You can find us on facebook


Contact Us Anytime.

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