5 best artist brushes, I think you can buy.

I currently work for an retailer chain which specialises in Arts and Craft. One of the biggest question I get asked is what do you think is the best brushes? Unfortunately Im employed to recommend the stores product first and I have to be controlled with my answers. But today Im giving you a inside to my knowledge.

1. Winsor and Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Brushes
They have characteristics of hog bristle yet maintain their spring and shape when in contact with water. But yet also have freedom to work across both mediums. These brushes are at the high end so don’t be shocked by the cost its all worth it.

2. Neef 95K synthetic Stiff and 987 ROBERT WADE Taklon Flats 
When I first started at College in 2009 I came across Neef brushes I was amazed at the affordability of their product and as a student I find  anything that is affordable, reliable and offers 100% guarantee on the materials is well worth the investment . Since 2009 my personal collection of Neef brushes has grown to more then 50.

3. Liquetix Freestyle Traditional and Free Style
Once again If you have money and really want a good brush then this is it. The wide range of sizes is just mind blowing and beautiful, I have used a lot of these for commercial work. Freestyle Brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic nylon which make them ideal for all acrylic applications. Their long contoured handles provide extra comfort when holding the brushes at the tails but also are nicely balanced so that they provide perfect control

4. Mont Marte 7 Piece Taklon Set
I have thrown this one in there for all the students out there looking for some where to start. They don’t last that long but there perfect for any student or hobbist who arent painting every day. They average for about $20 – $30 which is not to much if you wreck them or just over use them. This 7 piece Taklon Brush Set is a great introductory set of quality brushes.  the 2-tone 0.1mm Taklon bristle is strong enough to use with oil paints and heavy bodied acrylics.  These brushes offer a smooth finish and come in a great range of sizes and shapes. BUT DONT STAND BY ANY OF THERE OTHER BRUSHES THERE TO CHEAP AND NASTY.

5. Trekkell Golden Taklon
Trekell have only recently come onto my radar thanks to Instagram, I personally have not tried them but some of my favourite artists are always graming how good they are :Craola , Glenn Arthur and  Australian Duo Dab Myla.
In the near future I’m sure ill get my hands onto them and they will hold up to there quality which the professional speak of.

Science meets art in these synthetic hair brushes. They carry color very well and hold a strong firm point. These brushes are the choice for painters working in watercolor, oil, acrylics, and any water-based media. Golden Taklon brushes perform like the finest natural hair and maintain a perfect shape.

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