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Typism – Creative Typography Conference


Gold Coast Typography Conference is the first of its kind in Australia‘TYPISM’ is the brainchild of ‘tactile typographer’ and Griffith University lecturer Dominique Falla, and will see seven of Australia’s best typographers, type designers,calligraphers and logo designers coming together to talk about their work at the first creative conference in Australia to focus purely on the craft of typography.

The conference is aimed at design students and professionals in particular, but as organizer Dominique Falla points out, “if you can read and write, you already have an appreciation of the written word,” but it would appear that Typism encourages you to take this ‘appreciation’ to obsessive levels. A recent YouTube video, produced by Kaz Films, portrays design students as ‘type addicts’ confessing their “shameful obsession with typography” to the camera as a tongue-in-cheek parody of government public service announcements.

“Typography can be viewed as a strange obsession, because not everyone understands how wonderful a well-drawn ampersand really is, or the work that goes into designing the perfect typeface,” explains Dominique, but as they say in the video: “Typism understands.”

About Typism

Typism is a one-day conference featuring seven Australian speakers, including Gemma O’Brien,  who recently had her typographic artwork showcased in every Woolworth’s store over Christmas as part of the ‘Fresh Christmas’ campaign.

Other like Wayne ThompsonMatt VergotisAurelie Maron,Nicole Arnett Phillips,Bobby Haiqalsyah

Typism will be held at the BCC cinemas in Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast, Wednesday

September 4th, and is open to the general public.

Tickets are $70 for students and $90 general admission, available at http://www.typism.com.au


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