The In-Between – Exhibition – Solo Gus Eagleton

The In-Between does not undermine a deeper understanding of what a gesture adds. A life of its own that goes on beneath the image. Actions tied together with life experience, logic of space, a great idea, a personality, a motion, a location. We may quickly take action, touching-base, while remaining on the move. In general, we suggest fluency and ease in the city, beyond state of mind. Construction of surroundings, all its elements intimately packed into a frame – the crossing cars, the comings and goings of people – oblivious busyness. Yet, the meticulousness of action, partly because responsive individuals inhabit the world built for them. Gestures give us logic of space, a great idea of personality – an environment for all that ‘meaningless business’.

Gus Eagleton’s art has explored figurative painting on canvas and in urban street art, where he’s used aerosol paint and oils together in small compositions and across massive murals. Central to his latest body of work is an interest in the dichotomies, and the tension between these poles that manifest in the urban landscape. He explains:
As economic growth fluxuates, so to does infrastructure, this correlation has a direct association to a living organism both expanding and deteriorating. Sky risers ascend and the long forgotten remanets of the old world slowly deteriorate. This notion of a living moving infrastructure is a direct link to people, a structural doppelganger, shadowing cultural traits and trends. The theory of Apollonian and Dionysian is just one of many dichotomies with a relation to two complete opposites in simultaneous harmony. Apollonian being ordered and imperialistic, while Dionysian is free and rebellious. This series of paintings looks for aesthetic beauty within infrastructure by looking at categorical but harmonious opposites and relating them to economic expansion and deterioration, enabling the viewer to delve into the human condition.1
Gus Eagleton undertook a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, between 2011-12. He has exhibited in artist-run and independent spaces around Australia and London. Eagleton has been the recipient of several awards including: Lilli Pilli Youth Award NSW (2008); Green Dragon Highly commended Award, Brisbane (2009); Under-Grade Painting Award Queensland Collage of Art Brisbane (2012) and finalist in the GAS award (graduate exhibition and espresso garage award) (2012). He was recently featured in Australian Art Collector magazine, Issue 62, 2012. Eagleton does commission work, including mural work and has pieces in private collections all around Australia.
Naomi Evans, 2012
1. Gus Eagleton, artist statement, 2012.

Church Painting Gus Eagleton Cinema Colourful Painting by Gus Eagleton In Between Exhibition Flyer Gus Eagleton Solothe in-between cover

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