Muscline come flyer for art exhibition by christopher mckenzie

Masculine Coma – Solo Exhibition By Christopher McKenzie

Masculine Coma – Opening Night 1st November 5.30pm – 9.00pm (QLD time)

Exhibition open from 1st 5.30pm till 10th November

Christopher McKenzie is founder and director of the emerging artist collective LMTD Space. He is a Gold Coast based visual artist who works with mixed media; incorporating acrylic, ink and aerosol into his vast array of work. With a Diploma of Graphic Design and a Certificate IV in Visual Art, Christopher still continues to extend his scholastic achievements and intends to top off his impressive tertiary education portfolio with a Bachelor of Digital Media, majoring in Fine Art, from Griffith University.
At his day job Christopher is a valued employee at Riot Art and Craft where he is versed in selling art supplies. However, more notably Christopher moonlights as one of the Gold Coast’s most active artists working alongside organizations such as Rabbit & Cocoon, Community Hart, J Vintage Retro, Gold Spaces and Bleach Festival. Christopher is helping to pioneer a massive change in the Gold Coast’s culture and art scene and has contributed to the growth of some prolific art galleries and events. Since his first exhibition at age sixteen, Christopher has been a finalist and winner in a number of visual and contemporary art competitions, and is an essential element of his local art scene. His passion for organizing live art shows and exhibitions in multiple cities has led to nothing short of success for this young artist.
“This year, in my time as student at Griffith University – Gold Coast, I have often doubted whether I would be considered a good student. However I have come to believe that what I lack in studiousness, I make up for in passion and pioneering. A good arts student shouldn’t necessarily be someone who just works endlessly in his or her studio, but someone whom is just as equally involved in the development of their wider community. Over the past twelve months, I have tried to develop and mentor artists by starting lmtdspace the collective as well as attending high schools to assist in the mentorship of emerging artists. I may not be the most diligent and attentive art student, however I definitely have one of the most well-rounded perspectives of art on the Gold Coast and its relationship to the community.”
The work you see hanging today is the exploration of my professional development as an artist, as well as a personal reflection of my life. In an increasingly digital world, painting and craft is perceived as a low-tech, yet still engaging, art form. Through the use of colour, scale and gesture; I have endeavoured to explore subjects of Australian masculinity. I wish for my work to be a celebration of paintings physicality and simplicity, both in its application and dependence on the display space. The works I have created depict confronting sides of masculinity and the ever-treacherous pathway to “manhood”. Where form and space lack clear boundaries, the images rest between creation and destruction: in this respect they convey a kind of safe passive way to survive.
I began my exploration and research into the iconicism of Australian masculinity by looking into my own personal battle with being accepted as a “REAL MAN”. It took me back to when I started playing AFL as a teenager and it is still a battle that I am dealing with today. In reflection I questioned my own masculinity and what masculinity means by todays standards.
 – Chris McKenzie


2012 Smudge Exhibition Griffith University

2012 Live Art Gold Coast Griffith University

2012 Surfer Paradise Festival Live Art

2012 Surfer Paradise Festival Skatedecksabition

2012 Lmtdspace City Group Show Brisbane ( Bleeding Heart Gallery )

2012 Splash Lmtdspace Group Show Bleach Festival

2011 56 Project ( Rabbit & Cocoon Grand Opening )

2011 Lmtdspace City Group Show Melbourne, 1000 Pound Bend

2011 19 Karen One x One x One

2011 Surfer Paradise Festival

2011 R+C Sneak Peak Launch

2011 Creative Industries Launch

2011 Run Like Hell Group Show

2011 Jaggered Group Show

2010 J Retro Vintage Opening

2010 Festive on James ( Live Art )

2010 RQAS Big Art Show

2010 Elanora Church Art Show

2009 John Flynn Hospital Art Show

2009 Southbank Visual Arts Exhibition

2009 Brisbane St George School Art Show

2009 Big Art Show RQAS

2008 Border Art Prize Finalist

2008 G.C.C.C Energies Senior Art Show

2008 Elanora State High School Best Artist

2007 Shuttle Program Best Artwork ( SISCO )

2007 Shuttle Program Sponsors Award ( SISCO)

2006 Spring Festival Best High School Artist


2012 Barney The Dog – Dog Portrait – Kmart Robina Manager

2012 Griffith University – Artwork for New University Hositpal Private Collection

2012 Before Mass – Football Still Life – Andrew Clatworth Rixon

2012 Monaro Commodore – Dean

2012 Street Mural – Culture King Southport

2012 Street Mural – Bleach Festival Tugun Bus Stop


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Instagram : creatingmadness

Tumblr: mckenzieart

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