Eleven looks back on 2011

I first found Eleven on Facebook in early march 2011 , I really couldn’t believe how talented he was. Now looking back on the his last 12 month Im still amazed by the professional level he operates at .
But also have I have found a new world of Artist friends since first talking to him. I as a artist have so much respect for him and if you are gallery take the time to invest your time in him you won’t be disappointed

I was chatting to him over fortnight ago about how he was working reflection 2011 . He did so on his blog , so these are his best photographs and I’m throw in some my favourite sketches by the man himself.

“Now, I’m not sure who this HH is. My bad. So, for this post’s sake, i’m going to assume it’s either Heinz Hummer or Herbie Hancock. Also, I could be mistaken, but perhaps this message was meant for Chico from Don’t Sleep? Either way this got me thinking the whole day on how to compile a set of images that reflect 2011. My “year” as I stated earlier on.

It seems obligatory and a little wanky to summarise your year with your ‘best’ work. If anything your bad works play a big part in your progress and learning. So I decided not compile a set of images that you’ve all come to associate with me. I know what my best artworks are and my best photos are, but I also grew tired of them 15 minutes after admiring them.

In reality, the best part of 2011 was all the interesting people I’ve met. Now that sounds even wankier than posting a set of my favourite works, but it’s true. I’ve met all these amazing characters, people who I trust and respect and have somehow come to trust and respect me.

As you all should know by now I take photos to make up for my bad memory. So, everyone I meet I usually take a photo of. Not just to make them look good, but to capture this infinitely frozen moment at which i see them in. Whether it be that split second of vulnerability or that quirky nature about them. Well, enough chitter chatter, here are some of my favorite portraits of friends I took in the year twenty hundred and eleven.”

Visit more of Eleven Website Here





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