Where do I begin? I was asked to introduce and write about my dear friend and fellow image maker TTKkdout. It feels almost like the best man’s speech at a reception. There’s so many things I couldn’t possibly write about on here. Those things you don’t want the bride’s parents hearing. Like how, when we first met up we were wearing almost identical outfits. We didn’t realise until 2 hours into our day out. That kind of thing is embaressing, let alone reflects TK’s creativity and unique mind.

What do I mean by unique? I was merely sugar coating it. I once sat and watched as TK turned one of his beloved rabbit characters into a phallus. Yeah, a man’s downstairs. Aside from the horseplay TK is an extremely hard worker. Perhaps not in the sense of working hard, but staying committed to his craft and always working up ways to improve or challenge an idea.

A fella who is technical and sketches a lot cleaner than I do. Style what matches and corresponds to my own and humour to make sure we always get along. I do recall one time where he tried to hold my hand. That was extremely funny. Not something you want to hear right? Well, writing about how good of an artists he is and all that other airy fairy stuff is boring.

Oh, i was joking about the holding hands thing; It was much worse than that.


Welcome to the LMTDspace familia amigo.


by Eleven

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