Nic Gossage

Welcome to 2012 and Happy New Year, we are back and hope you support us like you have in 2011. Over the time off I got the chance to chat to alot of young and up and coming artists the first for the year is Nic Gossage. Nic is street art photographer who documents the lifestyles of his friends and family and the Australia culture. When viewing his photography  I found the urge to almost want to be there in time and watch the street art unform . The following is some quick questions I asked him over Facebook the other day.

Who is your influences in life?
My Mum and my friends.

How do you come up with your conceptual of works?
I would have to say exploring, getting influenced off other photo’s or other art work other then photography and being in difficult situations that put you under pressure and makes you wanting more to see what final result you come up with.

Do you think a manipulated image can be more truthful than an untouched image?
There is yes and there is no.

How do you pick your spots? And Do you have Favourite place?
I like to drive. I will drive for hours by myself out west or with a friend and just see where we end up. I have a favourite spot’s, but I like to keep them to myself or with the other person I was with.

What are some reactions of being a photographer?
Thinking and looking into depth of thing’s way too much.

Tell me what was your first camera and who gave it to you?
I got my first camera back in 2003. It was a Canon EOS 3000N. My relatives had given me money for my birthday. I think I was $60 off so my dad gave me that. I got it from a scummy little pawnshop in Surfers Paradise.

What do you think about how photography may be changing? Because of Iphone and Smartphone?
Everything is changing and nothing will stop changing. It’s either going to be a bad thing or a good thing. At this stage I am taking things how they come and going with the flow.

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