Jessica Eisner

As I normally do each morning I scroll my eyes through countless numbers of peoples tumblr’s and Facebook pages and anything else in between. Last month I came across this photography unknown to me her name was “Jessica Eisner”, I kept watching her feed of new photos each weekend. I found out just the other day this talented photographer is only 18 !!! Yeah I know how professional is she , I recently got the chance to chat to her about her art form.  M.A.D


tell me about yourself?
well, i just finished year 12 and turned 18 this year so was a busy one! finished a 2012 calendar and selling now while still studying for year 12 and photoshoots on weekends whenever i could. im self taught and use a canon. :) need to know anything else?i love art also

what made you interested in photography? over painting or drawing?
ummm well i was modeling myself before i took photos of others i took self portraits of myself allll thhhhe timeeeeee. and so i thought why dont i take photos of others and then drawing i got really interested when we got a new art teacher in year 10 we really connected and same style. so she was a big influence and then id draw what i photograph.
and so on and so forth…


tell me about favourite place to photograph and why?
um i like to mix up where i photograph my models.
but i think im more for capturing natural sunlight so, on location > studio.


what interests you in pin ups girls?
i love how classy and feminine they are/were.
just the way they pose, look, present themselves.
theres lots of different ways people interpenetrate pin up girls though, my style of them is more strong and sexy.

tell when you got first camera ? what was it?
hmmm oh gosh um, was like in year 9 my uncle passed down his Pentax manual SLR to me. I played around with that for a few years and got my first publication in Inked Girls Magazine Aus/NZ.

if someone gave you 10 bucks and you only allowed to use it at the casino what would you put it on?
a pokies machine? im pretty lucky with them!!



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