resting bones photography hannah hawkins

Hannah Hawkins

Hannah Hawkins captures the joyful and beautiful moments of friendship, laughter and all the stuff in between. I (M.A.D) have only just met her through a friend, but had the chance to look over her photography over the last couple of days.  When I did I got to understand the fun times she has, capturing the adventures of her day with the click of a button.  Hannah had her first epiphany thanks to the education system just over a 2 year ago deciding to take up her  passion up as a chosen career while it must of being scary at first, we would all agree it was a wise choice no doubt.I was recently chatting to her on Facebook and these some of the question which I asked:

Tell me about yourself and your photographs? 

I started getting into film photography about 2 years ago, but had no desire to take it further until I started hating my journalism degree. So I bought a digital slr and decided to major in photojournalism, which is when I started to (sometimes) enjoy uni.
I started getting a few cash jobs, portraits of musicians, “models”, families and such.. and my favourite shoots so far have been with a Gold Coast fashion label called The Resting Bones. Some of my best shots have been with them, but when I’m not photographing on a job I like taking photos of interesting people and landscapes. The photos I take when I’m drunk are usually pretty fun too.
When I go to Cambodia & Laos in January I hope to come back with an exhibition-worthy series.

Lady sitting on edge of the bed holding fashion magazines

When and where did you get your first camera? What was it? 
I think it was some wack Kodak camera from the 70’s when I was 11 or 12 that Mum bought me from an op shop. I thought I was killing it taking photos of treest. The Kmart staff did not.

where would you go if i gave you 2 rolls of film?
Fingal Heads. Indie shots guaranteed.

looking out at fingal heads

resting bones photography hannah hawkins

What is your favourite thing to take photographs with/of????

Favourite things to photograph are my friends. They’re cute people. And funny things I see around the place. Favourite thing to photograph with WAS my Canon T70 film slr before it was stolen (bastards), and now I mostly use my Canon 550d with a 50mm lens.

If  I gave you two dollars in coles what do you buy?
Coles SmartBuy plastic cheese slices

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