Blomtrog doing live art


Blomtrog doing live art
This kid comes straight out of the alley ways of Melbourne ,Blomtrog is a young punk, putting stickers on your wheelie bin. Everyday.
How do you feel the direction of work is going?
Well in retrospect my work has become much more refined over the last 3 years working on the street, creating a strong recognisable image, and repeating it everywhere. I work mainly in portraits of a character I have come up with over the years. As for the future direction of my work I am starting to work much more loosely in my sketchbook, drawing whole figures, combined with much more abstract shapes and patterns. Hopefully this style will soon find it’s way out of my sketchbooks and onto the street.

Tell me how you started and why the reason you stuck at art?
I started art because it just looked so fun and interesting, beginning in High school and then going on to study Graphic Design for 3 years has allowed me to really think about what I can do with my work. I think working in design and in street art are two very appealing outlets for me to send messages to people through various forms.
Wide Angle shot of Paste Modernism at outpost Syndey and in the background you can see Blomtrog paste up.

Outpost : Paste Modernism 3

Who are your favourite artists?
I’m a sucker for a lot of different artists, both on an off the street, from Australia and overseas. At the moment after working closely with a few people and from what I’ve recently been reading and seeing I’d say my top 5 would be: Herakut, Regan Tamanui (Ha-Ha), Shida Max Berry and Ghostpatrol, mainly because I really love everything these artists do.
Blomtrog showing off his illustrations skills

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