Victoria Jackson

I first came across Victoria’s work when scrolling through elsewhere’s Facebook and found my self not stopping because she not only captures the time , the venue and but mystical life after dark. I spend a couple of days searching for the talented Victoria when I learnt she has he nickname as Tori. Then when I got to know her , see showed me the work which she has stock pilled after which I once again scrolled my eyes through with more amazment and appreciation for her work. Not only her work but the list of jobs and awesome events she attends, I am so jealous . I ( MAD ) sat down with Tori and asked her some normal and quirky question about her life, art and ice-cream of course .
PLUS WE ALL NEED TO GET BEHIND TORI and VOTE HERETell me about yourself and your photographs?

My name is Victoria but I tend to introduce myself as Tori, simply so people don’t call me Vicky, but generally Tori is fine.
My photographs are mostly about capturing an honest moment, whether it be between two people on the dance floor, or a performer on stage with their audience. My aim is to make you feel like you were there, so you can experience the moment in another time and place.
When and where did you get your first camera? What was it?
My first film camera was a Nikon FG given to me by my dad in 2005, which I’m fairly sure was given to him by his dad back in the day. My first digital SLR was a Nikon d60 which was given to me back in 2006 when I was studying a photography major back in highschool. Now I rock around with my d90, I love that camera to pieces.
What do you want to do with your works?
Most of my work at the moment is to do with festivals and music, my aim is to make it to as many festivals as I can, to capture as many bands and their fans as possible.
What is your favourite thing to take photographs on/of????
If it’s the former: As much as I love film, it’s getting too expensive these days and I don’t have access to a darkroom unfortunately, so I mostly shoot with the digital medium.
If it’s the latter: My favourite thing to photograph is music, closely followed by nightlife, followed up by fashion
What is your favourite flavoured ice cream?
If we’re talking legit waffle cone ice cream my favourite flavour is peppermint choc chip, if it’s an ice cream in a packet I can’t go past the good old calippo classic
Find more photos at : Facebook  , Blog  “Ariel”  , In the Mix   and Tumblr

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