ARTillery festival


ARTillery is calling for multi-discipline artists in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane to create art for Amnesty! ARTillery Youth Arts Festival is a volunteer project of Amnesty International that is run by youth activists to inspire young people to take action on human rights issues through the arts. ARTillery challenges local artists to produce original artwork that responds to Amnesty International’s human rights campaigns. The result is unique, exciting events all over the country, where young people use ART as their ARTillery to defend human rights. Visit the Page for your city under the In Your City tab to download an application form. ARTillery is not your average youth festival. There’s no fairy floss, no overpriced rides, no officials giving a spiel about how youth are the ‘voice of tomorrow’. The festival is about young, local artists pushing the boundaries of their art forms to explore human rights issues. ARTillery is about young people going to an exhibition or a gig with your favourite local artists but at the same time finding out about issues like poverty, torture, refugees, violence, censorship and indigenous rights. It’s about YOU making a real difference on human rights issues in a way that is creative and fun.



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