Dave Groom ( Retrospect Gallery Broadbeach )

Wild landscapes of the Gold Coast Hinterland.Perched in his studio on the edge of Lamington National Park, Dave paints imagined landscapes that take in the the atmosphere of the ancient
forests, mountains and valleys that surround him.

Dave’s work primarily centres on Lamington National Park and the rural landscape of Beechmont. Dave hand built his studio on the edge of Lamington National Park and is able to
immerse himself directly in the landscape that surrounds him. Dave Groom is rapidly becoming one of Queensland’s better known contemporary landscape artists.
My work is primarily about the landscape in which I live and work - the ancient mountains of southeast Queensland.
It was after a period of travelling overseas in 1993 that I had what could be describe as an epiphany, a strong desire to portray the Australian landscape.
I had spent six months exploring the magestic landscapes of Europe and North America, but my return home gave me a realisation that there is nothing like the Australian Landscape.
The light is different, the trees are unique and there is a palpable sense of timelessness to the land.
Living and working in the landscape enables me to closely observe this land and the constant changes in the environment.
Generally the landscapes I draw and paint are imagined, rather than particular views. I_m more interested in portraying the essence of the landscape than a literal interpretation of it.
 To me, the natural landscape is not just what we see on the surface, but rather a culmination of time and matter that has evolved over millions of years. 
I see nature as representing truth, or something that is as close to truth as we can get _ a precious element that can reconnect people to their place in the world.

Opening 6pm Friday 11 November

Exhibition runs until 23 November

More Info Here

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