Brisbane Festival Visual Art Call Out

The Brisbane Emerging Art Festival exhibition will serve as a survey of the best emerging art currently being developed in Brisbane. This will also serve to generate a survey of the current concerns and themes running throughout this work, and with this create a fresh dialogue and critical discourse to be built upon. Artists will be asked to create new work for the BEAF exhibition, so as to be pushed to investigate their work in a critical and explicit manner. This will be facilitated as the artists are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the curators.

Submission Requirements:

• A brief artist statement outlining their practice and interests (200 words).
• Five images of work which indicates the nature of the work that you intend to create for the exhibition
> Medium resolution must not exceed 2.5MB in total, OR
> Three minutes of video (one example of work or no more than three examples of work)
• Artist CV (up to two pages)
• Optional: A brief outline of what you would like to create for the show (no more than 150 words)


• Online submissions only, to be submitted to:
• Submissions are welcome from any area of visual arts practice.
• Artists are expected to create new work for the exhibition.
• Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.
• Submissions are due by 5pm on 25 September 2011.

MORE INFO : click here

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