Hanna-Etta Proskurina

Caught up with Hanna Proskurina artists/illustrator the other day, to catch a glimpse at some
 of her new work and to to find out where her artistic career is heading. And this is how it 
went down! =]

So its good to see some new stuff from you, your interests in illustration and art thus far 
have branched your work out into multiple formats from digital work right through to crazy 
imaginative cartoon zines. What direction do you think your work is heading towards? And 
what gives you the most enjoyment in being 
- I don't really have a clear idea of where my work is heading at the moment, but I know 
that I want to do lots of t-shirt designs very soon!

It seems like you always have some kind of commissioned work in production, could 
you see yourself becoming a full time illustrator or graphic artist?
- I like being busy, ultimately my goal is to live off my art! Like most people out
there I would like to do what I love for a living.

When you talk to other artists about how they first started, more often then not drawing 
is a major key in their practice. Have you always been doodling and sketching growing up?
- When I was a kid I used to attack books with textas all the time; my mother used to have
to hide books from me when I was little lest she wanted them covered in crudely drawn 
chickens and horses.

We went to tafe together for a wile there, did you enjoy your time studying ? And did it 
help your practise at all?
- Going to TAFE together was pretty fun and I enjoyed my time there even if the assessments 
got a bit daunting sometimes. Going to TAFE introduced me to lots of new artists who have 
inspired me to expand into different mediums and try new methods of working.

Have you studied any other areas of illustration or considered going on to study anything else?
- I would love to do a Graphic Design course sometime in the future, hone my digital art skills - learn 
better ways of working and so on.

Hanna is available for commissioned work, she’s open to your questions or suggestions and can be contacted via email. She also runs a blogs which can also be checked out!


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