Surfer Paradise ( Street Cube )

People from all over the Gold Coast turned up to Oneway Project to experience some of the diverse culture emerging in the city. One of the features of the event was the live art demonstration, StreetCube.
Taking art to the streetcape of Surfers Paradise, StreetCube was an art project that provided a platform for some of Australia’s best street artists to create works that not only express their talent but beautify the precinct.
Check out what the amazing artists put together. A big thank you to Mariam Arcilla who created the project and the talented artists, Beastman, Gimiks Born, Jae Copp and Shida.

Mariam Arcilla : is a cultural developer at Gold Coast City Council. She is also curator , artswrite and event planner, and is a co-founding board member at rabbit+cocoon multi-arts hub.
As a young ‘um Mariam did time as a bartender, a silver-service waitress, a journalism student and a Maccas crew member. Not coin making year exactly, but formative nonetheless.
And she believes the Gold is a glorious place to live and create in.

Shida:Despite his age, Shida is one of Brisbane’s street art heavyweights and has been well received by both Australian and European galleries. From success in his 2009 solo exhibition ‘Fate’s Fantasy’ at Vienna’s Inoperable gallery and the ‘Stroke 2.0’ urban art fair in Munich, to his sell out Brisbane show‘Crystal’s of the Colossus’, things are looking bright for this young artist. Shida’s futuristic mystics inhabit a distant universe and traverse multiple dimensions. They are a promising investment for the art savvy.

Beastman:Beastman is an artist based in Sydney. Influenced by the beauty and symbolism behind nature’s repetitive geometric patterns and organic lines, Beastman’s tightly detailed, often symmetrical paintings depict a parallel world of hope and survival inhabited by his beastlike yet beautiful and emotive characters. Gripped by fear, anger, stress, jealousy, lust, confusion and paranoia, these instantly recognisable and loveable creatures reflect human nature and the everyday burdens and struggles of life that mankind so easily and continuously finds itself lost in.

One of the most distinctive and prolific emerging artists in Australia and founder and editor of the online art publication [weAREtheIMAGEmakers]. 

Gimiks Born: is originally from Auckland New Zealand, but later moved with his family to the warmer shores of Australia in the late 80’s. After travelling to Canada and back numerous times following the Canadian Winter, he now currently lives and works in Brisbane. Gimiks Born is a self-taught artist and has studied Graphic Design which he practises full time between art projects and pieces. Gimiks Born’s artistic roots derive from graffiti and illustration, both of which he is extremely passionate about and remains continuously motivated to perfect his technique and style further. Gimiks Born’s style is developed and unique, both traits that have contributed to his success and respect within graffiti culture, here in Australia and abroad. His work contains a strong story telling approach mixed with rich textures and expressive lines, incorporating highly detailed characters that typically have an oriental influence which are brought to life with his unique graffiti style. With a deep love for comics, 80’s cartoons, cult movies, music and hip hop culture, it is not uncommon to see these subjects frequently finding their way into the work of Gimiks. Gimiks Born has exhibited extensively around Australia and his work can also be found in private collections throughout New Zealand, U.S.A., France, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Jae Copp:Born in Sydney, artist and illustrator Jae Copp currently lives and works in a secluded mountain in Southern Qld. His self-taught artistic influence derives from his travels through London, Canada, America, and most notably Mexico, a place which ignited the ongoing contemporary mythical and folklore theme reflected in Jae’s highly-detailed illustrative works on wood and paper.

Jae has exhibited extensively in group shows around Australia, including No Comply, 12×12 and Tales from the Cold Ghost. His works have been featured in the following selected publications: Empty, Wooden Toy Quarterly, Frankie, Gold Coast Bulletin, Clay and weAREtheIMAGEmakers, and has worked for such clients as Absolut, TheBreeders and Red Bull.

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