Sophie Richards

I have been following Sophies blog for a very long time. For someone who takes so many photos, she has both quality and quantity. Her photographs range from portraits, self portraits, landscapes and food! I asked Sophie a couple of questions here they are.

Tell me about yourself and your photographs?

Well oh well! I am Sophie, I’m 18 years old and am currently studying a bachelor of Photography at Griffith’s Queensland College of Art (I’m in my second year). My practice basically is just my life translated into photographs. I obsessively document my outings with my friends and then use self portraits as a means of expressing myself and my emotions. It’s a bit of a cathartic process, actually! Anyway, I shall stop rambling and let you check out my stuff for yourself! I post all my photos to my blog:
and you could see a mixture of my stuff plus what inspires me on my tumblr:

When and where did you get your first camera? What was it?

My first camera was a penguin shaped film camera that I got when I was 9! I was living in Portugal at the time and thought it was possibly the best thing ever. My first ‘proper’ camera, however, was a Nikon D40 which I got when I was 15 for my birthday! Not quite as cool as a penguin camera but certainly a lot more sophisticated, haha.

What do you want to do with your works?

Ideally, I would like to exhibit them! Having my own gallery is a bit of a dream of mine. It’d also be quite nice to sell some and have them on peoples’ walls at home.

What is your favourite thing to take photographs on?

I have a couple favourites actually! At the moment I’ve been really getting into using the Colorpack II. It’s a plastic camera from the late 60s and takes pull apart instant film! Which is great and it’s super easy to do double exposures, too! On a more serious note, I have also been using a Flexaret medium format camera which I’ve also been enjoying immensely. It’s a square format camera and produces really large negatives and is therefore really good quality. I’m quite enjoying the challenge of having to frame everything to a square.

What is your favourite flavoured ice cream?

Oh no! This is probably the hardest question yet! I have got to say that one of my favourites is definitely white chocolate. I quite like coconut too, but I find that ice cream is always better when you mix two flavours! I think my favourite flavour combo is white chocolate and butter scotch.

2 thoughts on “Sophie Richards

  1. Been reading her blog for four years, since I was fifteen! Extremely interesting to see her personal and artistic development over such a long period. If I said I wish we could be friends that would be too creepy, so I ‘ll just say keep it up, Sophie!

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