Alana Hose

It’s a Saturday I ask myself why am I home again. Sometimes I think this art addiction is going to take over my life. This is how it went, I just let my fingers control my mind and let them surf the net. Basically my mind does just a few things like, looking for new LMTD artists and finding interpretation for my own artistic practice. I was lucky to enough to kill two birds with one stone when I came across Alana Hose.

Alana is an independent, self-taught photographer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Since acquiring her first DSLR in 2009 she has worked on developing her own unique style that captures honest beauty in people and everyday notions that are usually easily overlooked. Her use of soft colours, natural light and distinctive angles has recently netted the attention of photographers and artists alike, as well as a following in the local community.”

Alana possesses a natural ability to approach subjects completely open-minded. When shooting she strives to push past the obvious and explore a more unconventional approach to people and scenes. Her warm, outgoing approach and genuine love for people and exploring resonates through her shooting style and it is this relaxed, unassuming style she is becoming known for.”

When scrolling through the many images which Alana has taken since discovering her love with the camera. I believe the imagine that she catches is surreal or subconscious dream of reality .
I felt like I knew the meaning behind the creation of the image or moment because I felt like had being there before and then you get shuck with this awkward sense of lonely.
But yet I never knew her or being around her life , I myself had being in that moment of creative and pause of time when watching life or reality in the sense of slow motion.

Alana says: Photography is my outlet, my escape and my purpose. I don’t even know if I can explain it? The feeling of capturing something. Anything. A feeling. A moment. Anything! I see light in everything – anything can be captured, however I choose to capture it. The possibilities are endless and they’re all around me – all the time. It’s a little overwhelming at times – the idea of infinite creation and boundless opportunity. What are the limits of our imagination and creation? It’s all at our fingertips, waiting to be conjured. My photos are an insight into my mind and a representation of my perspective. A visual journal of my life. Sight is such a beautiful gift. We all see things differently. My work is a replication of the beauty I see and my desire to share it with others in this world. Am I making sense? It doesn’t even matter to me if I’m not. The technicalities don’t even scratch the surface. That’s how I know. This is my purpose”.  

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