Dream Travels

Living the dream. Four Brisbane artists collaborate on a shared vision.

The Dream Travels Exhibition is a showcase of dynamic new works by two of Brisbane’s most prolific graffiti artists SOFLES and TREAZ and celebrated fine artists MARYANNE OLIVER and YUIN HUZ. On FRIDAY 22 JULY this awesome foursome will stage an unprecedented collaborative exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery in Brisbane’s CBD, transforming the building’s beautiful heritage walls into imaginative dreamscapes of colour and creativity.

The Dream Travels exhibition is not your average group show. It is a one-off display of “creative manifestations” by four of Brisbane’s most exciting, yet uniquely appealing artists. The works explore subjects as vast as quantum theory, astral projection and reincarnation and incorporate many artistic techniques and mediums such as acrylics, water colours, house paint, inks, aerosol, paint pen, brushes, rollers and stencils.

SOFLES, considered by many in the art world as one of the most talented aerosol artists on the planet, first emerged into the public spotlight as Brisbane’s “Graffiti King”, charged with 36 acts of vandalism at the Brisbane Supreme court – a building he was later commissioned to paint! MARYANNE OLIVER is an internationally acclaimed illustrator and artists and has exhibited all over the world – from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. TREAZY is regularly flown around the globe, for his work as a highly regarded large scale muralist. YUIN HUZ is a well-known local artist, gallery owner, and all round champion of the Queensland art scene.

These four hugely talented and distinguished artists have come together to illustrate their visions of the not-always-seen world around us. From 22 July – 1 August they will share their mastery, mystery and metamorphosis with the broader community at Brisbane’s finest “profit for purpose” gallery, Bleeding Heart, located within the historic School of Arts building at 166 Ann Street.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on 22 July and runs until 1 August 2011.

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