Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill is a freelance graphic artist and illustrator from Gold Coast, Australia.

After studying Graphic Design in 2005 he has put his creative mark on many areas of design working for a variety of different companies. Eventually discovering an area he thoroughly enjoyed, he began work with local and international lifestyle and clothing brands producing artwork for garments, accessories, advertising and point of sale.

Since early this year, Tyler has been involved solely with commission based projects as well as taking personal time to experiment and expand his work back into illustration and fine art.

My desire to create and experiment across many mediums using various techniques has resulted in much of my work following no distinct style. My art ranges from anything from pencil or pen illustrations on paper to photo manipulations and collages. I have a strong passion for skulls, the human anatomy and morbid/macabre themes as evident in the majority of my work.

Where did you learn your art practise?
Most of what I know and do is self-taught. I started drawing at an early age and spent afternoons when I was young at an after-school art club where you could pretty much create whatever you felt like. From there on I began randomly picking objects or photos in magazines to redraw and kept practising. When computers and the internet became common in every household, I discovered Photoshop, Illustrator & Dreamweaver and ended up forgetting about traditional art for a while. I found myself fascinated with digital art, photo manipulation and web design and ended up teaching myself the ins and outs of that software trying to better myself in those areas. It was no surprise that I ended up in graphic design.

What drives you to create?
Everything I see. I’m really into surrealism and I often find myself staring at different objects or images and thinking of ways I could recreate them together or throw twists onto things. I find a lot of inspiration from the internet and when I’m blogging. When I come across images I like I will sometimes find myself experimenting with new techniques by redrawing it, either on paper or on the computer. I find it’s harder to find something to do with my time that doesn’t encourage me to create.

Name your favourite artist material?
A year ago I would have said digital art but I’m finding myself returning to the basics. Pencil or a fine black pen (art line or sharpie) on anything I can find.

Where is your art practise leading to ?
I have a few personal projects floating around my head that are a work in progress. Hopefully a couple of them will see the light of day later this year. In between all of this I’m working on commission based artwork for clothing labels and whatever takes my fancy. I’m not overly concerned where my journey will take me, I’m happy so long as I’m still doing art and having fun.

What artist influence you and why?
Jonathan Zawada and Sam Thomas.
Their illustrations are amazing and their concepts are inspiring.




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