Drawn Forth (Drawing Exhibition) ( featuring Dave Newman )

Of drawing, the great Salvador Dali said: “Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” In the act of drawing an artist is at his/her most vulnerable. It is the most pared back, spontaneous and intimate of all the art forms.

Drawing demonstrates implicitly the infinite possibilities within visual arts. Retrospect Galleries’ Drawn Forth aims to reflect this variation. The de…licate and deliberate works of artists Courtney Brimms, Troy Archer Deb Mostert and Nick Batchelor never falter in their brave use of line and shadow. Pencil and pen take on animate form, and capture a realistic likeness of the object they are portraying, showing their skills by embracing realism but putting their own take on the subject matter.

Hannah Smith’s feminine and rhythmic works are almost translucent in their intricate patterns and give us a tantalising glimpse of the sublime. Twin sisters Christie and Kelly Turner work together in unique partnership where both draw on the same work at the same time to produce fashion inspired, soft but dynamic portrait works. And we also have the expressive drawings of Michelle Dawson in the time honoured tradition of the old masters. Dawson’s technical prowess in hard to surpass.

The simplicity of the act belies the fact that in the act of drawing there is nowhere to hide. Drawn Forth sets the stage for over twenty of our of our best artists demonstrate the extraordinary length and breadth of the art of drawing.

Featuring: Celia Morgan, Christie and Kelly Turner, Courtney Brimms, Craig Martin, Dave Newman, Deb Mostert, Donna Malone, Emma Theyers, Fiona Kennedy-Altoft, Hannah Smith, John Smith, Kareena Zerefos, Katka Adams, Kellie O’Dempsey, Michelle Dawson, Nick Batchelor, Nikky Morgan-Smith, Ross Booker, Sam Creyton, Shayle Flesser, Simon Roots, Troy Archer, Zom Osborne

When:Friday 15th
6.00pm to 9.oopm

Location:Retrospect Galleries , Crn Elizabeth Ave and Oracle Blvde
Broadbeach , Australia






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