Anne Cobai

Draw your eyes to the WEST to look at emerging artist “Anne Cobai”.Anne is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Western Australia.
During the day she works full-time as a graphic designer for a boutique design agency. She devotes her weekends and free time to freelancing and working on personal projects.

Anne is passionate about music so her work reflects this love as well as her fascination with colour and popular culture.
Her illustration work is characterised by bold and colourful images with a high attention to detail.
She draws inspiration from a vast array of influences, including contemporary music, tattoo culture, vintage pin-ups, iconography and Renaissance art.
When creating her illustrations, Anne prefers to work digitally, using the vector medium to create bold images with maximum impact.

1. How do you feel the direction of work is going?
Pretty good! Looking over my illustrations I feel quite happy that there’s a clear style and that the subject matter of my illustrations reflects my interests. I had a solo exhibition earlier this year, and it was great to look over all the illustrations that I had done over the years and see how well they worked together.
A lot of my illustrations are vector, just because I love using that medium to create bold images. Although lately I have thought about taking a break from using computers to create art and I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some pieces using some more traditional methods like lino or screen printing.

2. Tell me how you started and why the reason you stuck at art?
As a kid I loved drawing (or scribbling) and it kept progressing from there. I studied graphic design at uni for three years and then got a job as a graphic designer. I enjoyed my graphic design job, but it just didn’t satisfy my creative need for doing bold illustrations, so I kept on doing illustrations in my spare time. Creating a website and blogging about my work was the best thing ever.
One thing I have definitely learned is you need to create your dream job yourself. It was only after I put myself out there, that I started getting some freelance work for some pretty cool projects.

3. who are your favourite artists?
So many to name: Ken Taylor, Brian Ewing, Tara McPherson, Malleus, Aleksandra Marchocka, Jorge Alderete and Sarah Joncas. A lot of my design heroes are the ones involved in making gig posters.

4. who are the subject matters in your artworks. why do you use them?
I love drawing people and most of my illustrations are of girls, just because they are more fun, curvy and colourful to draw than guys. Whenever I try to draw men I always get stuck spending ages on drawing the hair! I also tend to draw their lips a bit too pouty. I’ve done some portraits of musicians and bands like Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and Bloc Party. Music and art are my two big loves, so my dream job would be designing music graphics like gig posters and album covers.

if you had the chance to have a solo show where would you have it and why?
Any solo exhibit in an international country would be pretty exciting! I’d say San Francisco, just because a lot of amazing low brow art has come from California in recent years.













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