Toy Boats

After watching Hugo sing a Blink 182 cover with his band at their last show in Byron Bay a couple months ago, I dont think anyone knew that this kid could sing how he does. After writing to him on Tumblr then Facebook about his songs, I found out that its been a long writing process. ”They’re basically about growing up, amongst other things.” says Hugo after asking about the songs.

I guess you could say that after singing in a proper band for 3 years singing on your own would be really different and maybe even daunting. But to hear what comes out of his mouth is just too good to not listen to. Here is what I copy and paste from his hands to the internet:

I sometimes just played guitar and tried to sing covers i liked at parties with friends then that slowly lead into writing songs on acoustic guitars and and having an attempt at singing, so i sort of just blended the lyrics i had and the guitar parts i wrote and thats ‘2 A.M Bones’. I just finished high school when I started writing the songs and a lot of what they are about has some basis in that and the changes that came with it, friends moving away, leaving home, different cities, people, and nostalgia etc.

I guess I dont really know how to describe his songs, but all I can really say is that its just relatable and the amount of ‘real life’ doesnt come from his words but more his voice I guess. Its like what my dad said about Robert Smith, his words and voice make you want to cry. Im not saying that after you listen to Toy Boats that you are going to want to cry, but if you listen you will understand.

You can download his recently recorded songs here and you will be sure to just fall in love.

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