Josh Rufford

Recycling wood to small illustration on paper. But with a twist of happiness and joy expressed in his work. Comes a chilled out artist and graphic design “Josh Rufford”. I first came across Josh’s work at Flat White Space Exhibition no.1 and I started to follow him. I recently sat down with him and asked some simple question.

Describle Yourself?

I likes to draw, paint and animate using pens, ink, acrylic, watercolours and any kind of found objects to create interesting visual compositions. Josh currently works as a graphic designer by day and freelance illustrator/animator by night.

How long have you being practising art?

I’ve always loved making stuff ever since I was little doodling away and making crafty stuff. Then through school I like art classes and ended up not really knowing what I wanted to do at the end of high school and I fell into learning animation at Qld College of Art.

Where did you learn your skills & when did you find your style?

I think as a kid copy down Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Asterix, Ren and Stimpy and all that stuff and turning those characters into posters for my walls and just doodling them onto my school books and stuff. Then learning and developing more drawing skills and techniques at art school and bouncing ideas of friends and just doodling and playing with stuff.
what mediums do you prefer to work with?

Most stuff I do incorporates drawing somewhere in it. I really love just playing around and building and creating using different mediums – pens, inks, acrylics, pencils, aerosol, and really like using timbers and things I find. I’ve been using a lot of discarded timber from broken pallets lately and also making some fake logs out of cardboard tubes and vinyl scraps.

What are your influences & what artists inspire creative?

So many good artists out there at the moment and so much inspiration from everyday stuff. I really like dudes/dudettes with their own unique style whether it be drawing, animation, photography, surfing, skating. Growing up I guess guys like Mombassa, McNeil, Raglus, and all the Mambo dudes and also cats like John K, and heaps of comic stuff and now Beastman, Lister, Shida, Adrian Knott, Seamouse, Heywood, and also stuff like George Grosz, Whiteley, all that Duchamp stuff and everything. Too many artists and then theres all the other stuff. I just get stoked on most stuff. 
What direction they’re headed in and what their ultimate goal is?

Really excited at the moment because me and my creative partner/soon to be wife, are working our butts off on a collabrative type venture called Ruffbat Creative, she’s Dingbat and I’m Ruffo – so we’re Ruffbat, so we’ve been creating artworks for exhibition both locally and interstate and we’re also doing the markets circuit with our arts and crafts including badges, earrings, drawings, hand-printed shirts, bookends, etc. So hopefully we can build something that one day will support our creative lifestyles, traveling and making rad.

Where you favourite place to create?

anywhere, I like to carry around sketch books and if I don’t have one I’ll draw on serviettes or coaster or whatever is lying around.
Where can people normal find your exhibiting your work ?

I’ve got some posters in the upcoming Flat White Spaces – Poster Children show at the One Way Project Gallery at Surfers Paradise this Saturday 10th, then some works in Wallflowers at Bleeding Heart Gallery in Brisbane city in a couple of weeks. We also have some new bookends out a new crafty/handmade project called Cultiver in Ipswich and also coming up in Ipswich Ruffbat Creative has some tea inspired works as part of Infused at The SWICH Gallery. You can also find some of our arts and crafts stocked at Rhombus Surfshop down in Fitzroy, Melbourne and also at Bleeding Heart Gallery in Brisbane.

URL’s – Click to View Sites

Ruffbat Etsy

Ruff Facebook

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