Loretta Lizzio

You can find her, painting on walls, drawing in a books or even on skateboards. I had heard of this young women from ” I used to skate once art exhibition 7″  and my artist friend’s told
me they where all quite impressed with her work. So it has taken me over a month to track Loretta down , now I have here is her story.

“Loretta Lizzio likes to take a break from reality and escape to a world of her own. 

Growing up quite isolated on a farm in far North Queensland left Loretta, from a young age, having to use her imagination to create her escapes.
She has always loved to explore nature and an affinity for insects and animals has helped to define Loretta’s signature style.

Through her obsessive line work, she captures a sensuous desire for freedom, adventure and love. 
Always striving to exceed her own creative boundaries, Loretta has worked in tattooing, design, printmaking, installations and painting. 
Although its obvious her developed style and true love is working with pen and pencil.

Loretta moved to the Gold Coast in 2010 where she now lives and works from. She is currently undertaking study in Graphic Design to further her artistic knowledge and career.” 



Do you remember creating your first master-peice and what was it?
A painting of a lion. It was the first piece i was really proud of and worked hard for. It was the beginning of my style. 

Why do create art?
Because i’m consumed by it. I cant explain it and i cant help it. Its an addiction. It gives me a kick and it makes happy.
If you had the money to travel to anywhere gallery in the world where what you go?
Every gallery i have visited shows me something special in a different way. I could never choose.
Tell 5 of you best art materials?
Pencils, Artline fine point pen, rubber, stanley knife, masking tape
Who your biggest critic?
I’m my biggest critic. I always see all the little mistakes or what could have been.

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