Days of Zodiac

We roll out the film and click the button , warm up the flash and light up life. we create beauty and stop time for less than a second.
We capture something from another world. Jessica Andrews an emerging Melbourne talent. she has being doing this for
a while and last night she had the opening of her first solo show at Brunswick Street Gallery ,Days of Zodiac

“Days of Zodiac is a tug of war between the reality and an ideal, this series of portraits is a journey through the 12 zodiac signs, and the people in my life born under each one.
Trying to connect the two, each portrait explores the link between zodiac traits and the profound relationships in my life,
and with the appreciation of some comes the questioning of others, even the courage to confront & move on.
A story of holding on & letting go, delving deep into the zodiac has lead to a murky place where nothing is what it seems and the lines are always blurred”.

“Perhaps, it’s all just a mask”.

Jessica Andrews is a part time photographer from Melbourne, Australia who spends her days in an office, and her evenings behind a camera.
A hopeless romantic and dreamer at heart, Jessica endeavours to create whimsical and romantic images through the use of natural light and beautiful tones,
channeling inspiration from her relationships and life experiences.Living her life to a melody and never to a beat, Jessica tries to create a view into her own unique world
and never leaves home without her camera, and always with her heart on her sleeve.
I’ve also attached a few images from the series, and please just let me know if I can you provide you with anything else.
More of Jessica work or to contract her just follow the link 

Where: Brunkswick Street Gallery , 322 Brunswick Street , Fitzroy Victoria

When: 1st July – 14th July

What: Photography Solo Exhibition by Jessica Andrews

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