Carmel Dunne

One Sunday morning  in May, I was walking around the Miami Design Markets when I came arcross a  unique stall set by Gold Coast artist Carmel Dunne.
The collection of illustration blew me away. The unique combination of mediums Carmel used were impressive, combined with the professional finish and presentation.

Carmel : ” explores the subtle romance of watercolours bringing her pencil-drawn creations to life, using moments of sparsity alongside heavily detailed sections. The beauty lies in the nuanced approach to colour, concentrating its presence in a contained area, and exploring variants of the one shade to create a curiously busy environment”.

Whether romantic or geek-chic with thick-framed glasses, Carmel’s figures explore the beauty of the human face. The gorgeous girl, the handsome boy and the captivating androgyny between.

How do you feel the direction of work is going?

Goodness. I think the direction of my work is always influenced by what’s inspiring me at the time, whether that be a new magazine full of intriguing faces or taking a trip home to Byron and wanting to draw henna designs all over a face. I think there’s a lot to explore and I’m finding myself always looking for that new inspiration so I can challenge my drawing and take it somewhere new.

Tell me how you started and why the reason you stuck at art?

My dad was the one who first got me painting. He’s a surfer so we used to sit and paint waves, I was never very good at waves. Then all through highschool I did art, but I never took it too seriously, actually in Grade 11 I almost didn’t choose it as a subject for my HSC because I just wasn’t that into it… but I got convinced and took the class and I think that’s when my love of art really started. It was a very encouraging two years. Since then it’s just become who I am, my creative expression. So thank you to whoever convinced me to take art in school!

Who are your favourite artists?

Ah so many.Audrey Kawasaki, she was one of the first amazing female artists I discovered in highschool. Many hours were spent awing over her work.

Kelly Smith, I drew a lot of my inspiration from Kelly and she helped me develop my drawing style.

Michael Zavros, he’s a freak of nature. Who draws that good? Seriously. I sometimes challenge myself to try and draw as well as him… yeah. right.I’ll just leave it at three.

who are the subject matters in your artworks. why do you use them?

They’re just faces I find in a magazine or on the internet. There will be something that just instantly intrigues me and I’m like I have to draw it.

Stevie Dance knows how it is:“THERE IS SOMETHING really special that happens when one stumbles across a face that feels like it speaks for the times. Lost in translation in any previous light, defining how a face becomes The Face is a seemingly pedantic notion I know, but at the heart of its makeup lies a sentiment that exists far beyond the exterior.

A brilliant person makes for a beautiful story.”

if you had the chance to have a solo show where would you have it and why?

I would love to have a solo show on the Gold Coast. I just want to support our local arts scene, it’s slowly growing and it’s something that I’d really love to see come to fruition. There’s exciting stuff happening and I want to be a part of it, as amazing and inspiring as Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane are it won’t happen here unless the creatives are here to push it along. But in saying that I’d have a show anywhere, it would be a whole bunch of exciting.

check more of Carmel Dunne work at:

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