Alone In My Room- Linsey Gosper

There is an exciting exhibition coming up in Melbourne by Linsey Gosper, called Alone In My Room.  It’s a photography exhibition about female sexuality, psychology and self-eroticization- a ridiculously interesting field topic.  My housemate just studied gender studies and sex on the screen at uni and has been sharing her findings with me all semester and I have since found myself full of opinions and curiosity for the subject.  After a quick glance at Linsey’s back catalogue of exhibitions and installations, I think there’ll be some serious quality at this show and it most certainly will not be one to miss.

For those lucky enough to live in beautiful Melbourne city, get yourself along on opening night! Fortunately though, for our out-of-town folk, you can check some of the works on Linsey’s website.

hoto taken from

WHO: Linsey Gosper
WHAT: ‘Alone In My Room’ an exhibition of photographs based on self-eroticization and sexual femininity
WHEN: Thursday, 7 July opening night until July 30
WHERE: The Colour Factory 409-429 Gore St, Fitzroy MELBOURNE

Get at it folks!

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