Rush Has One Shot

Photographer for our pals at Trunk Junk Quarterly, Rush, is presenting his first solo photography exhibition in Canberra this month!  Armed with a point and shoot from a young age, Rush has a couple years at ANU Art School under his belt before he jetted off to the USA where he developed his career. While his work has been seen over Europe and the States, I think the fact that Rush is still launching his first solo show- a series of Polaroid photos- in his hometown Coldberra, is really rad.

So all of my darling Canberran pals, once you’ve tended to your frostbite, get inside The Front Cafe and Gallery in Lyneham, enjoy one of their delicious coffees and get a piece of a rad successful artist from Canberra who is keeping it real with his first solo exhibition, One Shot


WHAT: James Rush’s first solo photography exhibition, One Shot.
WHEN: June 16-27
WHERE: The Front Gallery and Cafe, Lyneham, Canberra ACT

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