Tal Fitzpatrick ( With Paper and a Knife )

Tal Fitzpatrick, a multidisciplinary visual artist, arts-worker and fashion designer.

Tal Fitzpatrick graduated Griffith University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Arts and Creative Arts Industries
and in 2009 she was awarded 1st class Honors for her documentary research project. Tal was born in Israel in 1988 and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia in 1996
where she went on to complete her studies and where she now continues to work as an artist, artsworker and fashion designer on her label “Aviv”.
Currently Tal works as the “Natural Disasters Resilience Leadership Officer” in the Education and Policy Department of Volunteering Queensland, in Brisbane.

why did you like art?
1. I've always had art in my life, my father taught me how to draw when I was very little
(my poor mother was forever cleaning my crayon drawings off the wall)
and my older sister and my grandmother are both artists so there is lots of art in my family home…

Where i place where your idea many start from?
2. My work is inspired by nature and the beauty of the present moment -
I look at my practice as a form of problem solving,
a way of capturing and communicating the way I see the world.
What style describes yourself?
3. My arts practice is extremely diverse and I practice across a wide variety
of mediums, currently my favourite (for now) is paper cutting. 

what the one place you dream of studying?
I dream of studying traditional japanese wood block printing and korean paper making to name a few…
I also want to try my hand at street art and installation art in Europe and the US 

website: www.talfitzpatrick.wordpress.com

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