Blain McCallion

Blain McCallion is one Gold Coast migrant who Melbourne is tickled pink to call our own.  The kid needs no introduction, his work speaks for itself.  Blain is completely self-taught and has developed an impressively tight and finessed style as a result of his completelyself-directed journey.  The confidence and consistent themes in his work make for some really exciting results- after trawling Blain’s tumblr multiple times, like me, you’ll be pining for more!

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What would you say is the essence/purpose of your art? (what do you see recurring in every piece of work you make?)
I’m simply having fun.

How long have you been making art for? Who ‘taught’ you?
I’m self taught- never really took lessons other that what they gave us at school. I started making art as a young child but started taking it serious when I was about 21 and working a creative job.

What mediums and materials do you use?
Graphite, inks , acrylics, digital, aerosol on paper, wood, cardboard, bricks…..whatever really.

What is your art inspired by?
So much, and it changes all the time.  Since moving to Melbourne I’ve seen something inspiring everyday, whether it be researching for work or walking about town.

Any short-term goals?
Survive winter. (Ed: toootally. Brrr)

What is your long-term goal? Ie. Where you would like to see your art ultimately take you?I don’t really have a specific plan, as long as I am been creative and I’m happy then it won’t really matter what I do.

Who are some artists (locally and internationally) who you have taken influence from?
Ken Taylor, Jonathan Zawada, Nelson Nokela, Everfresh and Tiffany Bozic to name a few.

If you were describing your style to someone you just met and could just use words, how would you do that?
My work is dreamy, has bold colours, and somewhat dark.. Women are usually the focal point. They seem to have a ritualistic vibe in a comic fashion.

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