Sailor Wife on Melbourne Graffiti

If someone could document the life of a Melbourne wall, there would only be one person who could do it. Street art is one thing to create, but to document it is like showing everyone. Lurking around every Fitzroy corner in the middle of the night, there is a lady with no fear and a camera that will capture every drop of paint that covers that wall. Sailor Wife is this lady and she comes from Fitzroy, Melbourne. Most people would agree that the lower east side of Australia is home to the best Australian and international graffiti and with all the street artists out there, someone has to record it.

I spoke to Sailor Wife on the net whilst in the middle of a lecture and wanted to find out how she came to know so many good artists. Like most other people, she picked up a camera at a young age, telling me that her first photograph was of an owl in her Grandmothers back yard. After working in Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy, she met folks from Everfresh Crew, Drew Funk, Ghostpatrol, Miso and a whole bunch of other street artists. Then moving to Collingwood she was able to help the Everfresh boys set work up.

November 2010 had Sailor Wife in contact with Selina Miles who came down to Melbourne and taught her a few things about photography which pushed her along to keep doing what shes doing. Selina came down with grafitti artist Sofles who took the Wife along to document missions and walls. Miss Wife gives a shout out to Selina and Sofles for helping her out!

Spending days lurking the streets in Fitzroy with 3 cameras in her bag, shes either looking for spots to shoot or down at the bowl. There is always something to take a photograph of, and the Wife will always get a shot. If your over in Perth on the 2nd of June you can catch a glimpse of Sailor Wifes work and if you are not in Perth, check out her blog :

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