Allusive Collections Exhibition

Creating wearable art in the most literal of forms, local artist Jason Hazle recently launched Allusive Collections.
Featuring an assortment of artists from Sunshine Coast through to Lismore, the project seeks to promote up and coming talent using clothing as the canvas.
Hazle told CoastConfidential Allusive Collections will sell original artwork designs on both t-shirts and prints.
“A portion of each t-shirt or artwork sold will be go back to the original artist and help drive the local creative industry,” he said.
“I want to get away from the heavily branded aspect of t-shirts these days, while giving these artists the support they deserve.”
Looking to branch out the company beyond south east Queensland, Hazle said Allusive is always searching for more artists to get on board.
Allusive Collections will host their official opening exhibition and clothing launch in Burleigh May 21, featuing art, photography and live music.

To find out more visit

1. what was the reason of creating this exhibition

The reason we are having this exhibition is to launch the new company allusive collections which collaborates with artists,
clothing and prints, we are also featuring guest artist and live music so we could bring in a good crowd and get some good promo
for the new company as well as the artists and bands.

2.where are the artist from and who are they?First photo,  Joy (charcoal) bachelor of fine arts graduate Melbourne, second & third photo Jesse dolman  (fine mark

er and water colour)
self taught artists (byron)  , forth & fifth photo Nik dolman (screen prints) major in screen printing (from Byron), bachelor of fine arts graduate.
seventh, eighth & ninth photo hazle , acrylic, pastel, charcoal self taught artist

s (gold coast) .

Spencer Shakespear, gold coast (fine art/ photography).

Fraser Stanley (Brisabane) ( photographer)

Bryce Anderson (Sunshine coast)  painter

Liam Bhats, (Brisbane)

3. describe the exhibition in 3 words

art, music,

4. who is the curator or director of your show?

Jason Hazle

5.what is kinda of style will be on showcase.

There will be a variety of art from screen prints and etchings,  fine line drawings and water colours, oils,  acrylics, charcoal, pastels, wood and per specs.
The style will be a bunch of surrealism and grotesque characters with nudes and street and life styled art and photography.  I haven’t studied art so I’m going off the top of my head, hope this is o.k

When: 21th May . 2011, 6.00pm – Late
Where:  Unit 3/41a Tallebugera Creek Rd
What : Group Art Exhibition

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