“Hello Cheeks”

Hailing from the southern suburbs of Perth City, Cheeks oftens finds it hard to put a definitive label on what she does. By default coined an artist/illustrator, she prefers the all round title of ‘image maker’ hoping to never put limits of what she may venture into or experiment with. Cheeks is heavily inspired from old school low-brow art, skate and street culture as well as any other gritty, perverted, raw subculture, music, cartoons, her homies and the general tomfoolery brought on by life’s turns and twists. This naturally filters into art created, her works a direct mash up of these influences interpreted with a slight eccentricity. With a proactive, hardworking attitude that is borderline restless, Cheeks approaches her work and projects guided with the silent manifesto of not only creating as much art as possible but doing so with the hopes of being able to make a living from image making, being her own boss, helping other like minded creatives and all the while squeezing in as much good times and memories as possible. Cheeks works predominantly with graphite/pencil on paper but also at times with ink, acrylics and on the odd occasion digitally.

“No that’s not me; that’s not what i have inside. I do things because i have them inside and I need to release them. And when I release them, they come from the heart and the soul. That’s a strength. That’s my strength. So if i want to do something and influence people, i have to influence people with my strengths, not my weaknesses.” – DONDI WHITE

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