Flat White & LMTD Presents: White Rabbit

LMTD & Flat White Spaces is proud to present the White Rabbits group exhibition at the super-duper exclusive Sneak Peek of the new Gold Coast multi-arts hub, Rabbit + Cocoon.
26th May 2011
6pm – 9pm

Studio 9 – Rabbit + Cocoon
23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami
Parking on Hillcrest Parade

As well as the White Rabbits group show, there will be;
– Live painting by Claudio Kirac
– Fashion Parade by Emma Milikins and Love Street
– Drumming book launch by Daniel Briffa
– Video and Flash art by Jason Nelson
– Open studio by film-maker Talon Clemow
Flat White Space Artist

Kid9 – www.kid9.net
Trent Mitchell – www.tmphoto.com.au
Shelli Bankier – www.bluespherephotography.com
Bhats – www.skeleton.tumblr.com
Fiona Kennedy-Altoft – www.visualartistinfo.com
Daniel Johnston – Living Old Tattoo Studio

LMTD Artist

Gus Eagleton – www.guseagleton.com
Aurora Braid- http://thecoldcity.tumblr.com/
Josh White- http://joshuadwhite.tumblr.com/
Christopher Mckenzie-http://www.mckenzieart.tumblr.com/
Dave Newman – http://www.halfanidea.com/
Steve Nowland – http://dusc.tumblr.com/


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