Comin’ straight out of Cranbourne: Miss Toffy

After talking to Miss Toffy on the net, I discovered that this nearly 18 year old hails from Cranbourne, Melbourne and is still at high school. For someone who started drawing manga characters, the detailed and intricate illustrations that she does now just show that some things just get better with age. I spoke to Miss Toffy and asked her a few questions about her work and about a whole bunch of other things too like where to get good dumplings.

Lmtd: When did you start getting into drawing?
Toffy: You started off with a hard one haha. The whole detailed hair and basic other parts of the body probably started around 2/3 years ago. I used to draw manga sorta stuff when I was a kid, and then I went on to traditional Japanese kinda drawings/old school tattoo drawings throughout my first few years of high school, and somehow that just turned into weird lookin’ people with strange hair and clothes. I’ve gone through hundreds of types of hair in all my drawings and I think just last year I settled mainly on plaits. They’re simple and rock/you can do so many things with them. It sucks that my hair in real life is too short to wear in them. I am bad at being relevant, but yeah, hope that answers that question. Hahaha.

LMTD: Where does your inspiration come from?
Miss Toffy: Man, my inspiration comes from so much really; music (power violence/hardcore/punk/I could list so many bands but I won’t haha), my trampoline (jumping on it with music in my ears makes me think of crazy shit), people I know/see, my surroundings, long train trips, Melbourne city, random internet images, my pals Bridget Hobbs and Charlotte, Shida and just anyone with crazy fuckin’ line work really.

LMTD: How often do you draw a picture?
Miss Toffy: I try to at least do one drawing everyday, whether it be bad or something that actually feels finished. I didn’t draw today but on average I probably make around 1-10 drawings a week, just depends how I feel really or how much free time I have.

LMTD: I have seen that you have done some tattoos, when did you start doing that?
Miss Toffy: I started tattooing at the end of 09. Dad bought me a tattoo machine and kit for Christmas because he was sick of expensive quotes from tattooists and thought I could be half decent at it (at this point all I’d really draw was tattooed styled shit and weird people sometimes, so he probably saw that and was like ‘TATTOO ME’). But yeah, I practised on fruit for a day and he was pretty much like ‘BAM TATTOO ME MELISSA IT’S OKAY I TRUST YOU’. I actually shit myself big time. I did a scorpian as his first tattoo and my first tattoo ever, and it had to be realistic, not some cartoony thing. So the outline of it was pretty simple, but the shading was a crazy experience. It ended up pretty well and I’m happy to call that my first tattoo ever. I guess ya can say my Dad got me into actually tattooing hey.

LMTD: Have you been in any shows with your work?
Miss Toffy: I wish haha. Closest things I’ve been to being in shows for my art was getting a few things I did in Primary school in art galleries haha. One was a bear with wool for it’s face. I only got in because I stuck down the bits of wool one by one and cut them to size. Everyone else just threw them on haha. Good times.

LMTD: What do you draw with?
Miss Toffy: It really depends what I am drawing and how big it is. Most of the time for the shit I make on paper is just drawn on with artline fineliners or waterproof ones if I can afford them, Poscas/other paint markers, copic markers, sharpies, and rarely watercolour paints. For my big pieces on walls, etc I usually fill old markers with inks and just use them the whole time on big sheets of paper. If I need to fill a big area with black, I use a big paintbrush and just ink. I like to stick my drawings on stuff with either wheatpaste or just PVA and water. Drawing on walls and on alarge scale has to be the funnest for me. Stuff can look crappy on paper, but when you make it huge it really has a different effect on the eyes. Plus it’s a lot funner to do. It’s hard to explain haha. Just see it like food: having a big plate of your favourite meal ever is 100 times better than just a bite size bit of it.

LMTD: Do you want to study or keep making art when you finish high school?
Miss Toffy: I always want to do art haha. I don’t know where it will take me after school though. Hopefully in the right direction/towards exactly what I want to do. And that’s basically just make art all day everyday, hahaha.

LMTD: Got one more question for you, where is the best place to eat in Melbourne?
Miss Toffy: Dumpings are my life, so Shanghai Dumplings rules because they make the best food for awesome prices.

Being 17, about to come out of school, this lady has definatly got some potential. Miss Toffy is part of our Melbourne LMTD crew.

Heres her blog:

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