Retrospect Galleries Presents: Hidden Worlds(Featuring Dave Newman)

Dave Newman is an artist/Illustrator/Teacher who has worked for many year honing his skills and poking his creative finger into graphic design other digital mediums.
In 2004, He Graduated from Queensland College of Arts ( BVA in Fine Arts) and Griffith University in 2006 ( Bed Art ) and has onto invest his energies in the development of young artist.

Artist Statement

The allure of mythology, creation myths and the counter-play that exists between man and beast feed my ideas.
This dialogue is played out in haunting, illustrative scenes, combining an exploration of the natural
world with the cold precision of  solid colour and clean line. All my images are hand drawn; digital works
via a graphics tablet and other works using traditional media. As such, each image is unique –
an original – refuting the idea that digital works are created by a computer to be reproduced again and again.

The painstaking process of achieving each digital work’s aesthetic value rivals,if not exceeds,the technical aspects of
producing more traditional drawings and paintings.
The digital medium helped satisfy my fascination with perspective and depth, in addition to providing an image quality
unattainable to more traditional means.This said, my current trend is pulling me away from the screen but has not
shifted from the desire to toy with the illusion of depth and layers.My work attempts to create modern myths; fragments of our
world rewoven to tell new stories.

“I’ll Tell You A Secret”


Size 61cm x 46cm

Media: Ink & gouache on watercolour paper & pine

Retrospect Galleries

Dave Newman has group exhibition with Retrospect Galleries this Friday Night.

When:May 20th

Where:Retrospect Galleries

Elizabth Ave and Oracle Blvde

Broadbeach, QLD, 4218
What: Hidden Worlds ( Artist Group Show)

Retrospect Galleries :Hidden Worlds;

For centuries man has attempted to accuraltey map the world, whilst artist do their best to blur boundaries.
Some historians content that the first feelings of religiosity and came about through the early musing of man
regarding the transient nature of life, and the objectification of life into art and myth. Other historians suggest that man’s tendency toward
storytelling preceded his artistic and religious developments, and that “art”( such as prehistoric cave paintings)
was used to illustrate stories in quite a different kind of ritual; that of social interaction and storytelling grandiosity.
In this compelling group show, invited practitioner explore the mystery of hidden worlds, both authentic and imagined.
Interpretations of place and environment, dreams and the physical world all feature, whether documentary in nature or entirely fictional

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