Stephanie Pickett

A delicate mixture of folk, pop and country defines the beautiful artist that is Stephanie Pickett.

Local to the Gold Coast, Queensland, this down to earth, grounded singer/ songwriter of only 20, is causing quite a stir.

The genuineness behind her persona is reminiscent within her music and her unique style is polished off with emotive and imaginative lyrics that have a certain honest truth about them.

She was lucky enough to be accepted to study a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Griffith University Conservatorium of Music, where she is currently commencing her third year in a midst of writing and recording her EP that is due to be released mid next year.

Her regular gigs around the Gold Coast, that will be extending to Brisbane and Melbourne by the end of the year, are definitely worth a checking out; you will not be disappointed.

There is a very bright and prosperous future predicted for this young talent, with many exciting upcoming gigs ahead of her.

Triple J Unearthed:

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