Music Response Vol. 1

This is one exhibition opening you need to be at if not to see the rad art, but to see the luscious beard of the man who made it.

Aidan Kirkbright is a dude studying painting at Monash Uni in Melbourne and is already preparing for his very first solo show this week!
Music Response Vol. 1 is Aidan’s visual response to music.  Channeling synesthesia, Aidan has produced a series of paintings based on the concept of visual music.  Aidan says, ” I attempt to transpose into a visual medium the colours, shapes and images that will themselves into my head while listening to music.” 

Aidan combines painting, drawing, performance and installation and there will be strong links to jazz improvisation in his pieces.

On opening night, Aidan will be performing live painting with Charles Mingus’ seminal Jazz album “The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady” forming the musical foundation, from which the images will be created.

This is a really exciting show guys, turn up if you can! My advice is to watch this space!

WHO: Aidan Kirkbright
WHAT: First solo show, Music Response Vol. 1
WHEN: Tuesday, May 10 5-7pm (that’s when the live painting will occur!)
WHERE: Runt Space Gallery, D Building, Monash Caulfield

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