Melbourne Kids Get Greedy

One of Australia’s most successful art collabrations, Sydney-based Greedy Hen are gearing up for their first solo show and Lamington Drive (home of Jacky Winter Collective) is lucky enough to serve host.  Greedy Hen have provided exciting album art for the likes of Cloud Control, Washington and Josh Pyke and won their first Sydney Music & Arts Culture Award earlier this year.  Their style is nostalgic collage which manages to carry a black humour towards the hilariously mundane aspects of life as well as retaining a sensitive, sometimes romantic feel.

The girls are pretty much unstoppable, dabbling in graphic design for oodles of Australia’s best music acts, providing live visuals for concerts, being head art directors for award-winning film clips and dabbling in endurance performance art.

With an obvious interest of music merchandise and promo design, the theme of the ladies’ first exhibition is rather fitting.  “What if we were a band?”  They found themselves thinking and the result was Greedy Hen: Debut Album.  The girls have designed an album cover, made up a phony tracklist, designed tour posters and album art for their faux-band and these will all be on display this Thursday night May 05 at Lamington Drive and will be on display until May 28 and YOU’VE GOTTA GET DOWN AND SEE IT!

As someone who has shamelessly followed these talented females’ work for some years, it’s safe to say I will be at the opening trying not to pee my pants.  Melbourne Limited kids, come and say hey to me if you’re there!

WHAT: Greedy Hen’s first solo exhibition, Greedy Hen: Debut Album
WHEN: opening night Thursday 05 May 6pm onwards until May 28
WHERE: Lamington Drive Gallery
15-25 Keele Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

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